21 04, 2011

Conditional Rebate Contest Insurance:

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Across the majority of the country spring is full in swing and it’s a great time to think about other types of contest insurance promotions.  Interactive Promotions Group offers a Conditional Rebate Contest Insurance which can be run based on two different scenarios.  The first would be a contest based on a specific weather condition such as “x” amount of Rain fall on Father’s Day.  The second way you can run this contest would be [...]

3 03, 2011

Make Direct Mail Contest Insurance Money in the Bank

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Finding ways to increase your foot traffic in today’s tough economy is difficult at best. Many businesses spend a great deal of time finding ways to market their business and paying big money for it. What if you were able to use a simple direct mail contest insurance to drive in customers? What if you did not have to beg the customers to come in, but instead you would be dealing with crowd control? The [...]

17 02, 2011

Three $10,000 Winners in Yellowbook360 Kickoff Promotion

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It was a very exciting season for Oakland Raiders fans! Three lucky fans each won a grand prize of $10,000 cash thanks to the talented running skills of wide receiver #12 Jacoby Ford and a promotion sponsored by Yellowbook360. The “Yellowbook360 Kickoff-Payoff Sweepstakes” took place at all 16 Raiders games with a chance to win a grand prize if the team’s opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown. Yellowbook360 allowed contestants to enter online or [...]

11 02, 2011

Valentine’s Day Promotions

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner Interactive Promotions Group has put together a few customized contest insurance to incorporate a fundraiser, party or big sale event with the holiday. Valentine’s Day is a great time to run a sale or promotion in your retail store because everyone is on the hunt for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. While most will receive something smaller like flowers or candy, why not go big with a chance [...]

28 01, 2011

Football Fan Appreciation Contest Insurance

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In the game of football, the only thing more enjoyable than the last second touchdown is the fun contest insurance games that happen in between timeouts and at halftime. If you would like to offer some great, fan appreciated – fan appreciation contest insurance games, Interactive Promotions Group has just what you need to help you to raise money for your benefit or just get the fans motivated. The good news is that [...]

7 01, 2011

Contest Insurance for Radio and TV

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In search of contest insurance that will help draw interest to your radio or television station and help boost the ratings? Interactive Promotions Group has just what you are looking for! If you are looking to run an on-air contest insurance at your radio station Interactive Promotions Group's most popular contest insurance is the birthday match promo. Among our on-air television contest insurance promotions most of our customers select the lucky lotto contest. However, if [...]

17 12, 2010

Contest Insurance for Hockey Fans

By | December 17th, 2010|Contest Insurance|0 Comments

Searching for something that will spice up your next Hockey event? Interactive Promotions Group offers an extensive selection of both fan and team promotional contest insurance options. Whether you want to pick someone out of the crowd and have them come down to the ice or give a fan a chance to win based on your team’s achievement, Interactive Promotions Group has something for everyone! If you are looking to just select one lucky fan [...]

30 11, 2010

Punt-Pass-Kick Winner Takes Home $10,000!

By | November 30th, 2010|Contest Insurance|0 Comments

Fans may not remember who won the football game at Canal Winchester High School on October 8th but anyone who was in the stands that night will not forget the amazing attempt made by Jeremy Kline to successfully complete the Punt-Pass-Kick contest during half time of the high school football game. Buckeye Nissan of Hilliard, Ohio sponsored the promotion where one lucky fan would be randomly selected from the stands to participate in the contest [...]

29 10, 2010

Important Things to Consider when Choosing your Next Contest:

By | October 29th, 2010|Contest Insurance|0 Comments

When deciding what kind of contest insurance you would like to purchase for your next event, there are a couple of things you may want to consider: how many people you are expecting at the event, how many contestants you would like to offer the contest insurance to, and the prize value that you will need coverage for. The first thing to consider when purchasing one of these contest insurances would be the number of [...]

21 10, 2010

Basketball Contest Insurance Winner!

By | October 21st, 2010|Contest Insurance|0 Comments

What would you do with the grand prize of $17,500? For Blaine Scheep the decision was easy! As a spectator celebrated with Scheep after his grand prize win, Scheep instantly turned to the camera with the excitement of a quarterback having just won the Super Bowl and screamed “I’m going to Disneyland.” The Greater Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce held an open contest insurance where members of the community could come to the fair to [...]

15 10, 2010

What Options in Contest Insurance Do You Have?

By | October 15th, 2010|Contest Insurance|0 Comments

Interactive Promotions Group is one of the best service providers for contest insurance. You may know exactly what you want to occur at your event. If that is the case, give us a call and we will set up the event for you right away. For those of you out there who may want to know what their options are, check out some of these suggestions for your next event: Go with a sports events. [...]

17 09, 2010

Catch Us On All Your Favorite Sites!

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Interactive Promotions Group is among the best contest insurance providers out there. Our headquarters is in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania but we serve customers in the continental US. Our contest insurance is affordable, hassle free and a sure way to spice up any event that you may be planning. Fortunately, it does not end there. Now you can catch Interactive Promotions Group on your favorite sites. We now have pages on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. [...]

20 08, 2010

How About Gaming Promotions For Your Next Event

By | August 20th, 2010|Contest Insurance, Interactive Promotions, Prize Insurance|0 Comments

One of the ways that Interactive Promotions Group can help you to make your next event even more enjoyable is to help you with some games. Actually, these are promotion games we offer. They are great to help you to build up the excitement for your next event. Here are a few games to take into consideration that we offer. Go with the dice roll. Contestants are given the chance to roll the dice with [...]

6 08, 2010

We Keep Saying It But It Is True!

By | August 6th, 2010|Contest Insurance|0 Comments

We keep saying it and we won’t stop. Why? Because it so true. This is where we get a competitive advantage. We’re talking about how Interactive Promotions Group covers any promotion imaginable. We are continually expanding our horizons and encourage you to join us on the journey. Our contest categories include sports, direct mail, auto, retail, tv & radio, tradeshow, gaming, online and weather. If you have an idea and are afraid that a contest [...]

28 07, 2010

Congratulations to $5,000 Half Shot Winner!

By | July 28th, 2010|Contest Insurance|0 Comments

Every fan in the McMinnville High School gymnasium was on their feet February 2nd before the basketball team even won the game. In a successful attempt to create excitement for the high school basketball team, the school’s athletic department offered a contest for $5,000 to a participant who could sink a half court shot during half time of the game. Two contestants were chosen from the crowd with a random drawing of registrants who entered [...]

23 07, 2010

It’s Football Contest Season

By | July 23rd, 2010|Contest Insurance|0 Comments

The NFL season is slowly approaching and hopefully it will be as exciting as the last season. Will Drew Brees and the Saints win again or will someone else take the Super Bowl? How will Donovan McNabb fit in with the Redskins? Is Brett Favre going to come back? These are all questions that fans can’t wait to be answered. Well if you can’t wait to get into football mode, Interactive Promotions Group has just [...]

18 06, 2010

Interactive Promotions Covers It All

By | June 18th, 2010|Contest Insurance|0 Comments

Interactive Promotions Group is expanding its services and this blog article is going to talk about one of the unique promotion categories that we cover. Weather Promotions! This consists of two parts which are cancellation coverage and conditional rebates. Sometimes the weather can be a pain. You spent a long time planning a great event and then the rain comes in from nowhere and ruins it. You can’t stop mother nature but the good news [...]

11 06, 2010

Plan a Promotional Event That Will Wow Them

By | June 11th, 2010|Contest Insurance, Interactive Promotions|0 Comments

Promotional events are one of the most important types of events for companies to offer. The key is to get people in the door. This is difficult in the current economy, with so many people looking for ways to save money. We have heard of many clients who have struggled to keep businesses and sporting events open because so few people can afford to get involved. If you want to draw in more people, give [...]

28 05, 2010

Tennis Contest Coverage

By | May 28th, 2010|Contest Insurance, Interactive Promotions|0 Comments

If tennis is the game that you want to use to help promote your special event or help your group raise money, then Interactive Promotions Group has just what you need to make it happen. We offer tennis contest coverage for you. What is that? We provide you with a prize coverage for a tennis contest that you conduct which offers a big prize. When someone wins the prize then you do not have to [...]

21 05, 2010

Plan A Sports Contest For Your Event

By | May 21st, 2010|Contest Insurance|0 Comments

Interactive Promotions provides individuals and businesses with the opportunity to impress your event attendees. Consider adding a sports contest to your next event. All you need to do is to set up a contract with us and the process can be incredibly simple. Let us take a closer look at some examples. If you have a lot of baseball fans who will be attending your event (or it is just baseball season) why not challenge [...]

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