Interactive Promotions Group is among the best contest insurance providers out there. Our headquarters is in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania but we serve customers in the continental US. Our contest insurance is affordable, hassle free and a sure way to spice up any event that you may be planning.

Fortunately, it does not end there. Now you can catch Interactive Promotions Group on your favorite sites. We now have pages on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Our YouTube page shows hole in one contest insurance winners, a winning hole in one insurance 50 foot putt for $10 000 and another hole in one insurance putt from 50 feet for $5 000. So, check it out! If you like it we encourage you to spread the word by sharing these videos with your friends both on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

These days, the world is a whole lot more interconnected which is a great thing for business and marketing.  If you’ve made a hole in one or another amazing shot and happen to have it on tape we would be honored if you could share it with us. As you can tell, we love to see miraculous shots being made. Also, if you know any golf tournament directors feel free to tell them about us. Tweet or Facebook at your leisure. It’ll definitely create a win-win situation. We provide other services besides hole in one insurance. We also make customized sponsor signs for golf outings. These signs are durable and truly a cut above the rest. Most of our competitors don’t pay attention to detail, so we have our signs hand-made by the people in our sign department. On top of that we also provide golf clubs as prizes for our client’s events.

So make sure that you don’t miss out. Catch us on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. You could also call us at 888-882-5140 to set up contest insurance for your next event!