The NFL season is slowly approaching and hopefully it will be as exciting as the last season. Will Drew Brees and the Saints win again or will someone else take the Super Bowl? How will Donovan McNabb fit in with the Redskins? Is Brett Favre going to come back? These are all questions that fans can’t wait to be answered.

Well if you can’t wait to get into football mode, Interactive Promotions Group has just the right thing  for you. How about a football contest of some sort! Even if you don’t have the skills of Brett Favre, you could still win a prize of some sort for your football skills. Interactive Promotions Group provides affordable contest insurance that would let you run a great promotional event. It could be anything from a fundraiser for a high school team to just a party of people. If you want more people to attend whatever event you are running this is definitely a logical choice.

Now, a football contest could be a field goal kick, an armchair quarterback or a target toss. For the field goal kick you could choose a distance between 30 and 50 yards. If the lucky contestant makes it, then he or she wins the grand prize.  Next is an armchair quarterback contest. All you need is a La-Z-Boy. If the contestant throws the football from 15 yards, whilst on the La-Z-Boy, through a 10 inch template then he or she wins the prize. Lastly, we insure target tosses from 25 yards, 30 yards, 35 yards, or 40 yards and you can choose either a 9 inch or 10 inch target hole.

What’s even better is that if you have any ideas for your own contest, we can talk about it. At Interactive Promotions Group, the customer comes first so if you like what you’ve read, call 888-882-5140 and we’ll get the process started.