Promotional events are one of the most important types of events for companies to offer. The key is to get people in the door. This is difficult in the current economy, with so many people looking for ways to save money. We have heard of many clients who have struggled to keep businesses and sporting events open because so few people can afford to get involved.

If you want to draw in more people, give them something to work for. Rather, give them something to win! Everyone loves a free gift or the chance to win big. That is just what you can expect when you use Interactive Promotions Group to help you to plan a special event for all involved in your event.

Keep in mind that we can do promotions in the following areas: baseball, basketball, bowling, football, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis, and more. We offer contests that you can offer to your fans in any of these sports. Fore example, you can get a hole in one on the golf course or have your fans work to hit a baseball homerun or try to throw a football through a certain size hole. If they accomplish the task at hand, they walk away with a grand prize. However, remember that your organization does not have to pay for that grand prize if and when you have secured insurance coverage for your event through our company. What type of event do you want to plan for? Let us help you to make it the reality.