Kansas City Vs San Francisco is right around the corner, but that does not mean it’s too late for a contest to help celebrate! Below are our personal favorites.

Arm Chair Quarterback

We all love to yell at the quarterback from the comfort of our couch. Well in this contest a lucky fan gets to put there money where there mouth is, and throw a football through a template while seated. If they make it, they win!

Team Achievement Contests

We love all the crazy things that happen in football just as much as the next person. Why not capitalize on that and give your fans something even more to cheer about? Select one of your customers or even offer the promotion as a rebate. Choose from in game events like an interception for a touchdown, kick off return for a touchdown, forcing a safety, and many more! If the unthinkable happens, you just got yourself a winner.

Score Prediction

Add some excitement to your next tailgate by having your fans predict the score of the game! Before the game starts, have everyone at the event guess the score. If one of your fans make a lucky guess they’ll take home a prize! This promotion is a great way to unite fans with a little friendly competition.

Themed Digital Game

If you’re looking for a new, creative way to market yourself then look no further than our digital games! These contests are simple to run and perfect for an online promotion or viewing party. We offer a variety of game options, all of which are playable on any device and can be custom-designed to complement your brand. Check out our Total Touchdown and Ultimate Lineup themes.