Across the majority of the country spring is full in swing and it’s a great time to think about other types of contest insurance promotions.  Interactive Promotions Group offers a Conditional Rebate Contest Insurance which can be run based on two different scenarios.  The first would be a contest based on a specific weather condition such as “x” amount of Rain fall on Father’s Day.  The second way you can run this contest would be based on the outcome of a sporting event.  No matter which option you select you will be able to give your customers the chance to win big.

The first option works great for auto dealers and retail stores.  Say you’re looking to have a huge sale at your showroom or store.  The contest insurance would be based on the estimated total sales you except to have during your promotion period.  Now to throw a variable into this and make it a contest you can say if it rains 1 inch on Father’s Day than your total sales will be reimbursed to your customers.  Running a promotion like this during your slower shopping season is a great way to boost traffic into your place of business.  Likewise, you could run this type of contest say for a Fourth of July sale and reimburse your customers if the temperature reaches 100 degrees that day.

The second option is also a great promotional choice for both car dealerships and retail locations.  This is similar to the weather conditional rebate where your clients would be reimbursed Interactive Promotions Group for their purchases, however, with this scenario the reimbursement would be based on the outcome of a sporting event. Say you want to run a huge sale in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, if the team you picked to win can come through, your customers will be fully compensated for their purchases they made during your sale!

If you want to add one of these promotions for your next sale or if you just have some questions give us a call today!