It was a very exciting season for Oakland Raiders fans! Three lucky fans each won a grand prize of $10,000 cash thanks to the talented running skills of wide receiver #12 Jacoby Ford and a promotion sponsored by Yellowbook360. The “Yellowbook360 Kickoff-Payoff Sweepstakes” took place at all 16 Raiders games with a chance to win a grand prize if the team’s opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown. Yellowbook360 allowed contestants to enter online or by a mail in order to be selected as each weeks eligible contestant. One name was picked at the beginning of each week and that person was notified prior to the game and announced during the broadcast.

Interactive Promotions Group was able to supply contest insurance on this event based on the odds of approximately 1 in 200 that an NFL kickoff would be returned for a touchdown. Not only did the Raiders Jacoby Ford beat these odds once, he scored a touchdown on a kickoff return three times throughout the season! The first was on 11/7/2010 against the Kansas City Chiefs. Mike Mooney from Billings, MT took home the first $10,000 prize during the start of the second half when Ford ran back a 94 yard touchdown. Three weeks later on 11/28/2010 against the Miami Dolphins, Ford ran back the opening kick off 101 yards winning $10,000 for Jim Smith from Hixson, TN. Finally towards the end of the season Ford did it again running back a 99 yard kick off against the Indianapolis Colts ensuring John Brent from St. Louis, MO $10,000 in cash!

Yellowbook360’s kickoff promotion was extremely successful in creating a positive buzz for the name and image of the company while also rewarding three big cash prizes. Check out the video of all three touchdowns as well as other amazing winner videos on our YouTube page:  Interactive Promotions Group YouTube