What would you do with the grand prize of $17,500? For Blaine Scheep the decision was easy! As a spectator celebrated with Scheep after his grand prize win, Scheep instantly turned to the camera with the excitement of a quarterback having just won the Super Bowl and screamed “I’m going to Disneyland.” The Greater Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce held an open contest insurance where members of the community could come to the fair to sign up for a chance to participate in a basketball contest insurance event. Scheep had been one of two people picked for a chance to take the ¾ court shot for the grand prize. After Dan Gillihan, the first person selected, missed his attempt, Scheep stepped up to the designated line measuring out 61 feet and 9 inches from the basket. With a running start and a one handed throw, Blaine threw up a rocket that soared straight ahead and swooshed through the net. Scheep celebrated with family and friends as well as the members of the chamber for an exciting end to Montgomery Fest 2010. Congrats to Blaine on a terrific shot and the chamber on a successful promotion!

Interactive Promotions Group, the leading provider of contest insurance, not only creates excitement at your event but our promotions offer excellent opportunities to raise awareness and fundraise for your organization. The Greater Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce used the ¾ court shot as a successful fundraising event for the community while also rewarding one of the community members with a grand prize. Other contests insurance that are popular for community events are the Dice Roll Promotion and the Airplane Toss because both are great promotions for large groups of people. For information on of these contests call one of our contest insurance consultants at 888-882-5410!