Fans may not remember who won the football game at Canal Winchester High School on October 8th but anyone who was in the stands that night will not forget the amazing attempt made by Jeremy Kline to successfully complete the Punt-Pass-Kick contest during half time of the high school football game. Buckeye Nissan of Hilliard, Ohio sponsored the promotion where one lucky fan would be randomly selected from the stands to participate in the contest to win $10,000. Representatives from Buckeye Nissan sold raffle tickets before the game to narrow the promotion down to one person and Kline, 28 years old from Lancaster OH, had purchased the lucky winning ticket!

At half time Jeremy stepped onto the field where he completed the punt, pass and kick sequence starting from the back of the end zone and finishing with his field goal kick flying through the uprights in the opposite end zone. Jeremy was ecstatic to say the least; he celebrated on the field with friends and walked away with the $10,000 cash prize! The contest was officially witnessed by two representatives and a video camera operator all from Buckeye Nissan.

The Punt-Pass-Kick promotion is just one of the many football contests Interactive Promotions offers. Football contests are popular as a half time promotion at a game however can be run at other events like fundraisers or pep rally’s. To find out more about the football promotions and the other sporting contests we have to offer check out our website or call us at 888-882-5140.