Contest Supplies

Allow us to be the one stop shop for your next event. As contest experts, Interactive Promotions Group knows just what you need to make your next event a hit, and from custom targets to banners we have the supplies to make it happen. Now you can sit back and check one more thing off your to-do list.

Target Templates

Whether your contest is about football, baseball, lacrosse or hockey, we offer professionally done targets custom for you. Each target allows for a sponsor’s name to be advertised and includes a target hole built to your specifications. So, leave the DIY projects at home and enjoy your promotion hassle free.

Dice Boxes

Avoid your dice bouncing away with a custom dice box. We offer multiple sizes to catch dice as small as 1” or as large as 12”. Pick the theme you want, the prize you want and the logo you want. We will take care of the rest.
Still need dice? We can supply 1”, 3”, 6” or 12” dice customized with your logo or phrase.

Contest Banners

Now that you are all set for your contest it’s time to get everyone else just as excited! Our 2’x 6’ banners are both customizable and weather resistant for use outside your store or inside an arena. We will work with you to make sure your banner is everything you could want.

Presentation Checks

Any sports fan knows that nothing gets a competitor motivated more than when victory is in sight. Make your prize so close they can touch it! Our large (2’ x 4’) or small (24” x 36”) presentation checks are each customizable with a logo or sponsor name. Sometimes bigger is better!


Needless to say, running an event is no small feat, and yet your customer service was impeccable from start to finish.

J. James Players Sports Bar