If tennis is the game that you want to use to help promote your special event or help your group raise money, then Interactive Promotions Group has just what you need to make it happen. We offer tennis contest coverage for you. What is that? We provide you with a prize coverage for a tennis contest that you conduct which offers a big prize. When someone wins the prize then you do not have to foot the bill for the grand prize you have offered. Rather, we do that for you.

Let’s explain the tennis contest coverage options available to you.

The first option you have is the target serve contest. Here, a fan from the crowd is given the opportunity to serve into a four-inch hole in a wooden template that is 60 feet from the opposite baseline. If they make it through the hole then they are a winner of a big prize.

The second option is a return serve contest. Here, a 12 inch target is set up opposite from the contestant. A lucky fan from the crowd is chosen to see if they can return the serve through the template on the opposite baseline. They get five serves to try and they need to return three of them through the hole to win the grand prize.

From corporate events to fundraisers, these tennis contests are a popular option among the crowd. What better way to get the crowds invested in the game and to give them the opportunity to win a big prize?