When deciding what kind of contest insurance you would like to purchase for your next event, there are a couple of things you may want to consider: how many people you are expecting at the event, how many contestants you would like to offer the contest insurance to, and the prize value that you will need coverage for.

The first thing to consider when purchasing one of these contest insurances would be the number of contestants you wish to give to the opportunity to.  This is probably the most challenging for people who are considering using this type of contest insurance for the first time.  Many people think that all contests can be offered to everyone at an event.  However, you must keep in mind that each contest insurance is subject to a different set of odds therefore, varying the number of contestants that you will want to offer the contest to.  This is also important in keeping on track with your budget.

To put this into perspective, the odds on making a half court basketball shot are much higher (approximately 1 out of 50) than guessing the correct 5 digit code on a Crack the Vault game (1 out of 100,000).  This being said, you would want to offer the basketball contest insurance at an event where you are picking one or two people at random to participate in the contest. The Crack the Vault game would be a great contest insurance to offer at a trade show, where each potential client that stops by your booth and provides you with their contact information would then get a chance to guess the winning 5 digit code on your online vault game created by Interactive Promotions Group.

When choosing the prize value that you would you like to cover that is completely up to you.  Whether you offer a new car or truck, a motorcycle or simply cash, the choice is yours!  Just remember, no matter what you want to give away at your next fundraising event or trade show, Interactive Promotions Group has all your contest insurance needs.