Every fan in the McMinnville High School gymnasium was on their feet February 2nd before the basketball team even won the game. In a successful attempt to create excitement for the high school basketball team, the school’s athletic department offered a contest for $5,000 to a participant who could sink a half court shot during half time of the game. Two contestants were chosen from the crowd with a random drawing of registrants who entered the contest as they walked into the gymnasium. After the second quarter buzzer sounded, Spencer Bauman and Steven Ulvang were chosen to come down and shoot for $5,000. Bauman’s shot was close however bounced off the backboard and left Ulvang to make the shot. Steven Ulvang, a 17 year old student at the high school, successfully swished the ball from half court to guarantee himself the grand prize of $5,000 cash. The stadium was packed with cheering fans of all ages and classmates greeting Ulvang at half court to celebrate his winnings.

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