Interactive Promotions Group is expanding its services and this blog article is going to talk about one of the unique promotion categories that we cover. Weather Promotions! This consists of two parts which are cancellation coverage and conditional rebates.

Sometimes the weather can be a pain. You spent a long time planning a great event and then the rain comes in from nowhere and ruins it. You can’t stop mother nature but the good news is that you can get cancellation coverage. That way you won’t have to worry about losing out. If you let us at  Interactive Promotions Group know about the overall expenses of your event, we can then draft a contract that will guarantee coverage. It doesn’t matter what your event is. It could be a wedding, concert or golf tournament.

Now onto conditional rebates. How do these work? Well, For your next big event all you have to do is take a sharp look into your crystal ball and  choose the weather conditions for a specific day. You could call for 6 inches of snow or a sizzling 90 degree day and if the weather agrees with you then your customers walk away with the grand prize.

Here are a couple of examples:

You could have an in-store promotion where any customer who purchases something from your store between two separate dates in time gets a chance to win back their money if it snows 6 inches on Christmas! You could also make sports rebates. For example anyone purchasing an item in a specified time frame would be eligible for a rebate if a certain professional team wins a national title or championship.

So in a nutshell, Interactive Promotions is here to make sure that you have the best promotion or event possible.  You can contact us directly at 888 882 5140 or check us out on the web at Success is the only option and we hope your future is filled with it.