One of the ways that Interactive Promotions Group can help you to make your next event even more enjoyable is to help you with some games. Actually, these are promotion games we offer. They are great to help you to build up the excitement for your next event. Here are a few games to take into consideration that we offer.

  • Go with the dice roll. Contestants are given the chance to roll the dice with a particular goal in mind. They have to spell out the winning word using a set of custom, lettered dice.
  • Lucky number match is another popular game. This game allows you to send out mailers to your customers. Then when contest day rolls around, the customers bring in their mailers to see if they have won the prize. The winning mailer has the right number.
  • Scratch and win is another great choice. Everyone loves those lottery tickets, but this one is a bit different. Here, you can distribute these scratch and win cards to a group of your customers. Then, if someone scratches off the winning symbols, they are able to walk away with the big prize you are offering.

In any of these situations, Interactive Promotions Group takes care of the cost of the actual prize when someone has won it. You can get the traffic, customer counts up or just have fun at your next event. This is an easy way to get people excited about what you have to offer to them.