7 06, 2019

Create Fireworks On The Fourth With These New Promotions

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Independence Day isn’t just for fireworks, but it plays a big part of it. The fireworks we are referring to are our contests and promotions. Businesses can get involved by creating fun, patriotic promotions that will be sure to entertain their clients and increase sales. If you aren’t sure how to go about designing an America-themed summer promotion, we are here to show you how. Sports Promotions Nothing says America more than the past time [...]

23 05, 2019

Pay The Price Or Pay The Prize

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Paying the price for prize insurance is easy. However, paying for the prize without insurance is hard and risky.

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8 05, 2019

Cast For Cash This Summer!

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There is nothing fishy about our contests. We offer a variety of fishing promotions to create excitement for your attendees and participants. Have them cast for big cash prizes this summer with no risk to you. Try any one of our fishing promotions below to make the perfect addition to your Memorial Day weekend or summer event. Reel in the Cash Bait your hook and cast your line for the Matching Fish Weight Contest. During [...]

24 04, 2019

Increase Profits With Our New Contest Supplies!

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Are you looking to enhance your promotion or increase your participation and profits but still maintaining your budget? Don’t look any further than Interactive Promotions Group. As contest experts, we know what you need to make your next event a success. From custom targets to banners and giant checks, we have the supplies to make it happen. We want to share with you the benefits of using our contest supplies with hopes of creating profits [...]

12 04, 2019

The Risks Of Going Without Prize Insurance

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It’s scary to think what the world will be like without prize insurance. Without insurance, lucky contest winners would walk away with their thousand or even million dollar prize (which is a good thing of course). But companies would be in debt and forced to close as a result of it. Contests would be considered a huge risk which would make companies decrease the number of promotions and contests they do per year (that’s no [...]

14 03, 2019

High Reward, Low Risk Contests

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Having promotions or contests for your business or halftime event is not new. Our clients are use to having sales or other activities as ways to promote their business and gain new customers. But all businesses should question how effective was their promotion. The one thing that can make you stand out from the crowd and effectively increase traffic is offering your customers more than the ability to participate, but to be rewarded. Interactive Promotions [...]

1 03, 2019

Spring Promotions In Full Bloom

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It’s officially March! And you may know what that means. The end of winter and start of spring is only 3 weeks away. Picnics and barbeques, and outdoor sporting events are ahead. Interactive Promotions Group offers multiple options for contests that take place indoors or outdoors for the spring months. Take advantage of the warmth and nice weather approaching with our variety of outdoor sporting events. And what better sport to play in the spring [...]

15 02, 2019

Are You Feeling Lucky? New St. Paddy’s Day Promotions!

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Are you trying to bring some good luck to boost St. Patrick’s Day sales this year? Using a fun and festive holiday like St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to take advantage of the crowds and attract more customers and business. There will be a ton of people looking for fun ways to celebrate, and our contests and promotions will be the perfect way to catch their attention. Don’t let this holiday pass you [...]

1 02, 2019

Wedding Insurance

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We provide coverage for our clients for anything from sporting contests to sale promotions. But thanks to our new sister company Eventsured, we are now eager to announce the ability to offer wedding insurance! A wedding can come with the same risks or even greater than throwing a standard event sporting event or promotion. And more than often, people don’t consider what can go wrong during their “big day.” From covering cancellations to injury lawsuits, [...]

18 01, 2019

The Recipe For A Successful Promotion

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We are often asked if there is a recipe to creating a successful contest promotion. When you think about it, creating a successful event is similar to making a cake. Even though it’s just as easy, you don’t need a few eggs, a dash of vanilla extract, flour and a pinch sugar to create a exciting promotion. The one key ingredient that is need is Interactive Promotions Group. And if you follow our simple instructions [...]

3 01, 2019

How To Reach Your Customers During Winter Season

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Doing business over winter can be a little tough. But don’t get discouraged with the gloomy and cold weather. Use this time to try new ways of attracting customers with a variety of promotion and contest ideas with Interactive Promotions Group. We offer contest insurance so you and your customers can have fun worry-free. See below for a few ideas to kick start driving traffic into your business this season. Indoor Promotions The reasons why [...]

20 12, 2018

Make Your Fans Part Of The Game

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While watching most sports live (or even at a bar or in your living room), there will be fans in attendance who will get a little rowdy: screaming, jumping up and down, cheering. That excitement doesn’t have to go to waste. Fans tend to genuinely believe that they are one with the team and with Interactive Promotions Group they can be! We offer a variety of halftime promotions for your fans to give them a [...]

6 12, 2018

Celebrate 2019 With New Promotions!

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On the 31st of December, New Year festivities begin around the world. New Year traditions are designed to bring luck and good fortune for the year ahead. With Interactive Promotions, we offer your customers or fans with the opportunity to celebrate the start of 2019 with the possibility of attracting big fortune. If growing in sales and customers is apart of your company’s resolution, check out some of our New Years inspired promotions below. Crackin' [...]

23 11, 2018

Giving Back This Holiday Season

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Tis’ the season for giving, right? As the holidays approach, charitable organizations are really starting to ramp up their reach and marketing experience to take advantage of the giving season. Charities already have an advantage as people love to give for a cause. However, it helps for your contributors to have a little extra reason to donate. By giving your donators fun and exciting contests with big prizes, they will be even more eager to [...]

9 11, 2018

Win $5,000 With Our New Facebook Giveaway!

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If you are a fan of our Crack The Vault promotion or winning top cash prizes, you are going to love our new giveaway! Our fans now have the chance to win $5,000 cash in our new Facebook promotion. To enter to win simply follow the following steps: Like our Facebook page. Click on the $5,000 Giveaway tab on our page. Click on the opening screen to start the game Enter your information: First Name [...]

25 10, 2018

Online Games: Play Anywhere, Win Anywhere

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In the modern age, everything exists online. The internet has become an integral part of our lives: whether it is finding a recipe for our favorite dish or looking for a movie review, we all turn to the internet. Without the internet information would remain in encyclopedias and our various forms of communication might fall apart. Now more than ever, companies and educational institutions are taking advantage of the web and are incorporating the use [...]

12 10, 2018

Wish for Snow And Dough With These Holiday Promotions

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Winter is almost here and that means snow is soon to follow. With Interactive Promotions, your company can create excitement and buzz around your business with our new prize insurance promotions for the holidays. Snow Me The Money Give participants the chance to scratch, match and win with our holiday themed, Snow Me The Money Scratch Cards. If one of your contestants unveils a winning card with the 6 matching symbols, they walk away a [...]

28 09, 2018

Trending Pong Blingo Promotions!

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Are you looking for ways to make additional profits and have fun while doing it! Our large Pong Blingo displays are easy to set-up and can be fully customized to fit your brand and event! Have your participants drop the balls from the drop zone and if they land in the winning slots then your participant walks away a grand prize winner! Recently this promotion has seen a surge of proven success from casinos across [...]

14 09, 2018

Fall In Love With These Fall Promotions!

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Fall has arrived which means it is time to start planning your fall promotions! Interactive Promotions Group has a wide array of contests that are sure to attract big crowds for your next event. Take advantage of Halloween, Black Friday and Thanksgiving with contests that will increase your profits and attract new customers! See below to check out our new Fall contests and promotions. Rake In The Cash! Give participants the chance to scratch, match [...]

30 08, 2018

Get Prepared For The World Series

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It’s almost September and that means the Major League Baseball postseason is just around the corner. The 2018 World Series is set to begin on October 23, and a potential Game 7 is scheduled for October 31. Even the Emblem Source, (the provider of all on-field MLB commemorative patches), released photos of both the 2018 World Series and 2018 postseason jersey patches. With the World Series being weeks away it is important to get a [...]

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