One of the simplest questions often asked is one of the most important to understand. What is prize insurance and what can it do for you? Interactive Promotions Group is known for the golf, hole in one contests, the fun football contests and even the direct mail promotions they offer to get people into your business. But, what is it?

Prize insurance is also known as prize indemnity insurance. It is a type of insurance protection for you. Here’s the breakdown.

  • You encourage participation in specialized contests designed by Interactive Promotions Groups.
  • The contests offer a chance for your participants to earn big prizes.
  • If they win the prize, Interactive Promotions Group pays for that prize. You do not have to pay for that prize at all.

Instead of paying out of your pocket for the prize you are offering to your contest participants, we cover those costs. You get to keep the benefits your event draws in, including profits from sales. Hole in one insurance, a golf related event, was one of the first types of insurance offered like this. Today, there are numerous options available to you to choose from.

Why work with Interactive Promotions Group for your prize insurance? In short, we cost less than everyone else (and we price match and beat it), we have an A credit rating and we ensure your participants have great prizes to earn. Take a look at how we can help you. You can even get a quote to learn how easily affordable this service is.