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13 07, 2018

Back To School Contests & Promotions

By | July 13th, 2018|Featured Promotions, Uncategorized|0 Comments

You know the saying “Christmas in July.” It’s used to explain the savings available in the month of July and it’s never been more true. IPG offers July savings to get you excited for the new school year. Supply your fans with more than just school supplies. Supply them with contests and promotions that can be applied towards funding their education. Now this is something worth learning about. Read below to find the right promotion [...]

29 06, 2018

Crack The Vault Without Breaking The Bank

By | June 29th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Whether you are looking to attract new customers to your store or reward potential clients at a tradeshow, the Crack the Vault prize insurance promotion is a perfect way to give them all a chance to win big without breaking your bank. One of Foresite Sports’ most popular prize insurance contests, the Crack the Vault promotion, offers excitement to your clients and serves as a very effective tool in fundraising. Crack the Vault is an online [...]

8 06, 2018

The Perfect College & University Promotions

By | June 8th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

We are a leading provider of promotional insurance and contest coverage for special events. IPG has been reaching out to the athletic departments and offering our services as a way to increase attendance and awareness of school sporting teams. Offering a large cash prize at halftime of a basketball game will certainly increase the student attendance at that game and show more support for the school teams, overall increasing school spirit. Any of IPG’s sporting [...]

31 05, 2018

Protected Outdoor Promotions

By | May 31st, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

As the weather warms up and summer approaches Interactive Promotions Group wants to remind you about our sister company US Weather Insurance. IPG is a promotional insurance company offering contest insurance for events big and small that want to add a little something extra to their big day. But you should not only cover your prize but you need to ensure that your event will be protected from the unpredictable summer weather. In other words, you [...]

24 05, 2018

Let The Sparks Fly This 4th Of July!

By | May 24th, 2018|Featured Promotions, Uncategorized|0 Comments

The biggest summer event is obviously the 4th of July. Almost any business can get in the spirit and show off their American pride. You may have your coupons and discounts ready to distribute, but how about adding some excitement and interaction this year! Add some customer participation with our variety of patriotic contests and promotions. Take advantage of your freedom of choice and choose from top prizes, exciting contests and top promotions! See below for details: Let Freedom [...]

18 05, 2018

5 Benefits For Selecting Interactive Promotions Group

By | May 18th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Interactive Promotions Group provides its clients with the best attention to detail and customer service possible. It is understood that this is the company to turn to for your prize insurance and promotions, however, what makes this company better than competitors? Check out these five benefits right here. Our clients represent a wide range of industries. From casinos, retailers, sports teams, insurance brokers, dealerships, and more! We offer each trade a variety of promotions in [...]

27 04, 2018

How Million Dollar Promotions Work

By | April 27th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Did you ever wonder how stores, casinos or dealerships are able to offer the opportunity to win $1,000,000 cash? These campaigns are being supported by insurance – or in other words, by us! By using Interactive Promotions your business can offer a knockout headline prize all while maintain a small budget for the promotion. Your large prize will be a benefit as it will grab your customers attention and promote interaction. So how does the promotion work? Our contests [...]

19 04, 2018

Cinco De Mayo Contests & Promotions

By | April 19th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

When you read "Cinco de Mayo" you probably thought about a few things like food, partying and dancing. But there is more to Cinco de Mayo besides a reason to eat chips and guac. If you are a small business, dealership, sports team, etc., you can celebrate this holiday by giving your fans a chance to win big cash prizes!  Leave the piñata, confetti and cleanup and choose one of the following contests for your [...]

12 04, 2018

Calling All Radio Stations! Promotions For Your Listeners

By | April 12th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Listen up! We know it can be hard to get new listeners for your station. Music and talk can only get your station so far. With our contests and promotions, you can have and added reason for your listeners to tune in. Why not reward your most loyal listeners with a chance to win a grand prize like cash or a luxurious vacation. We have a variety of ways to promote your station and reward your fans; [...]

5 04, 2018

New Outdoor Promotions For Summer!

By | April 5th, 2018|Featured Promotions, Uncategorized|0 Comments

The NBA playoffs are in sight after a long and exciting season featuring incredible athleticism. And you can’t forget all the highlights, intricate plays and buzzer wins! This NBA season will be missed but you still have time to celebrate it’s end with our variety of “start-to-summer” promotions! Things start and end and seasons change, but our promotions will forever create excitement at your event! Check out our new summer promotions to drive traffic and have fans jumping [...]

30 03, 2018

Prize Insurance Dictionary

By | March 30th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

We want to make sure we are on the same page with our customers and to eliminate any misunderstanding. It's important for our clients to have a clear understanding of prize insurance terminology. If you are new and are thinking about setting about coverage, it could be overwhelming to hear new jargon. We broke down a few terms you will come across when speaking to one of our representatives when setting up coverage. See below: Prize [...]

23 03, 2018

Build A Challenge For Your Promotion

By | March 23rd, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Everyone loves a good challenge. You see on Instagram every other day, a new challenge to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon, eat a Tide detergent pod or stand still like a mannequin. As fun as these challenges are, there is no financial reward. With IPG, we have challenges where your fans can reap benefits that range from cash prizes up to $1,000,000! And the benefits is not just for your fans. By increasing the excitement [...]

16 03, 2018

Battle The Bracket: March Madness Promotions

By | March 16th, 2018|Featured Promotions, Uncategorized|0 Comments

Selection Sunday is now over, but there is still time to get on board the March Madness fun! With Interactive Promotions Group, we have contests to bring out your fans competitive spirit. We go beyond the bracket with promotions that can be used year-round. See below for contest ideas and start making your picks already! March Madness Bracket College basketball heats up this month! Host a NCAA Bracket promotion with a chance for participants to win [...]

28 02, 2018

How To Win The Lottery! 3 Ways To Increase Your Odds

By | February 28th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

When we say "win the lottery," we mean win big! Because let's be honest, the chances of winning the lottery are slim. About one in a couple millions depending on the game and your state. To increase your chances of winning big cash, you may have searched the internet for how to win the lottery. And as a result, you'll find a lot of tips that don't work. We are not here to give you tips and [...]

28 02, 2018

Drive Traffic Into Your Business For St. Patrick’s Day

By | February 28th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

If you own a restaurant or bar, the smartest thing you can do is take advantage of the crowds on St. Patrick's Day. From parades to bar hops, don't let the foot traffic pass you by - literally. Drive traffic into your business this St. Patrick's Day by holding an Interactive Promotions Group contest or promotion. We have the best solution for attracting more potential customers into your business. It includes offering your customers the [...]

22 02, 2018

10 Contest Promotion Ideas To Drive Traffic To Your Business

By | February 22nd, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

It's easy to get people to visit your website over physically visiting your brick-and-mortar business. A few clicks and they are on www.yourbusiness.com. A few more clicks, they are ready to make a purchase. With online shopping and delivery making things more convenient and people more eager to stay at home, it's harder to get people in your store. So how do you drive traffic into your business? We not only want to show you [...]

15 02, 2018

Press Your Luck With New Spring Promotions!

By | February 15th, 2018|Featured Promotions, Uncategorized|0 Comments

Spring is right around the corner. With the flowers in full bloom and the vacation planning in effect, it's also time to start planning your spring promotions. With people eager to go outside, now is the perfect time to take advantage and drive traffic into your business. To assist you with your spring contests or promotions, we have provided some contest ideas to help you set up you get the most of your spring season. [...]

9 02, 2018

How You Can Benefit From The Eagles Super Bowl Win

By | February 9th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

What a win!? The Eagles are Super Bowl champions. It was one of the most unforgettable Super Bowls in history. A Patriots fourth-quarter comeback, but it was the Eagles who scored the epic touchdowns and field goal kicks. Their win means a lot not only to the team and the city, but your business as well! With the win and parade over, we decided to list a few ideas to get in on the Super Bowl after-buzz [...]

1 02, 2018

Oscars Inspired Promotions: And the Winner Is…

By | February 1st, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

We’re nearly there, movie fans — awards season is drawing closer. In about a month, the annual ceremony honoring the top films of last year - The Oscars, will begin. To celebrate such a star-studded night, you don't need star bucks. To get in on the fun, Interactive Promotions Group offers exciting Oscars themed contests to increase your customers participation and increase your profits all at a low cost! Oscars Fun So which films will achieve [...]

25 01, 2018

How To Encourage Millennials Physical Activity

By | January 25th, 2018|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Millennials have grown up in a different world, with a different worldview. Millennials have grown up in a time of rapid change, giving them a set of priorities and expectations sharply different from their previous generations. This generation has tablets, smart phones, drones, video games, Uber and social media. With all this technology at your fingertips, why would any kid want to go outside? This has been a recent concern among schools and parents who have [...]

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