We are a leading provider of promotional insurance and contest coverage for special events. IPG has been reaching out to the athletic departments and offering our services as a way to increase attendance and awareness of school sporting teams. Offering a large cash prize at halftime of a basketball game will certainly increase the student attendance at that game and show more support for the school teams, overall increasing school spirit.

Any of IPG’s sporting events can be done at singles game throughout the season, for example the first or last game of the season or even the schools Midnight Madness event to kick off the season. Some schools will also chose to purchase coverage for all home games, keeping the attendance high and the buzz positive throughout the entire season. Here are some of the more popular contests that the athletic departments are insuring this time of year.

–           Half Court Shot- This contest is easily the most popular with school teams because it is easy to set up and fairly do-able for the contestant. Because of this, the half court shot is also one of the more expensive contests and will usually be featured in just one or two bigger games throughout the season

–           Progressive Shot- Also one of the more popular contest, this inexpensive series of shots will test the contestants skill and speed. Since this is a harder contest, many athletic directors will purchase full season coverage for this contest and give one lucky fan the chance to win at each game.

–           Pick a Spot- This contest is a little bit out the box but certainly a crowd pleaser! The contestant gets to pick any spot on the court and from that spot he or she must make a basket into both nets. This contest gives the participant the freedom to choose an easy and hard shot combination or two equally difficult shots.

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