Did you ever wonder how stores, casinos or dealerships are able to offer the opportunity to win $1,000,000 cash? These campaigns are being supported by insurance – or in other words, by us! By using Interactive Promotions your business can offer a knockout headline prize all while maintain a small budget for the promotion. Your large prize will be a benefit as it will grab your customers attention and promote interaction.

So how does the promotion work? Our contests and promotions are skill or probability based. You can choose a contest online by checking out our website at interactivepromotions.com. But keep in mind that not all contests are covered for a million dollar payout. See below to see acceptable types of contests:

Games of Chance – Pure statistically-based offerings.

Games of Skill – Requiring participants to complete a task or challenge to win.

Factorials – Where entrants select certain factors in the correct order to win.

On the day of the event, have your participant(s) play your game. If the contestant wins, then we cover your insurance policy and the value of the prize ($1,000,000) is offered! At no risk to you. If you want to create an exciting experience for your customers and fans, give us a call to start promoting your next $1,000,000 contest! We are reachable at 888-882-5140 or email us at info@interactivepromotions.com.