It’s easy to get people to visit your website over physically visiting your brick-and-mortar business. A few clicks and they are on A few more clicks, they are ready to make a purchase. With online shopping and delivery making things more convenient and people more eager to stay at home, it’s harder to get people in your store. So how do you drive traffic into your business? We not only want to show you how to get new customers but how to keep them. It has been estimated that acquiring new customers costs 5–10 times as much as retaining existing customers. Our goal is for you to put in the same or even less effort in gaining new customers. There are plenty of contests and promotions from IPG that you can do to increase store traffic and we shared some of our tried-and-tested ideas on how you can get more people walking through your doors.

1. Dice Roll Contest
A dice roll contest is fun for any business. Select a winning word or phrase that participants attempt to spell out on the dice. We offer dice in various sizes, including 1, 3, 6, and 12 inch dimensions. If a player can successfully roll the winning phrase, they become a lucky W-I-N-N-E-R! If you are a dealership have your customers spell out a “N-E-W-C-A-R.” Or if you are a retail store spell out “S-A-L-E” for your customers to attempt to roll a discount full of savings!

2. Lucky Envelope/ Money Bags Contest
Our Lucky Envelope/Money Bag promotion can conveniently be incorporated into almost any event. Create an exciting incentive where you narrow the promotion down to a few lucky participants. Give those contestants a chance to win big by selecting the winning envelope or money bag! You can even add a creative twist to the contest by numbering any items you want to help customers connect with your brand. For example, numbered soap, beverages, etc.

3. Lucky Number Mailer
One advantage you have as a brick-and-mortar store owner over Internet competitors is the relative ease with which you can build personal relationships with customers. Drive traffic right into your auto dealership or store with a direct mail campaign. Send out mailers to residents in your area advertising a grand opening, holiday sale or other special event. Each mailer will have a unique number listed on it that the customer must match in order to win. If the customer who receives the mailer with the winning number drops by your store on contest day, they take home the grand prize!

4. Crack the Vault Contest
Our Crack the Vault contest gives customers the opportunity to win a grand prize and is sure to attract a crowd! In this promotion, participants attempt to select the winning combination that will open the vault provided by us. Our vaults come in the form of a kiosk, physical vault, handheld or online game to fit your needs. Take a guess and uncover the prize hidden inside!

5. Weather Conditional Rebates
Create an exciting incentive for your customers with one of our unique weather promotions. For your next big event, offer your customers a rebate on their purchase if a certain weather event happens on a special day in the future. For example, if it rains on Easter Day then everyone who made a purchase between and St. Patricks Day and March 25th will be refunded their entire purchase!

6. Lucky List
Our Lucky List contest is a flexible and easy-to-run promotion for any event. You will provide us with a list of items or names, such as sports teams, vehicle models, songs, product offerings, etc. Prior to the event, we will generate a list comprised of these items in a specific winning order. Simply have your contestants arrange the list of items you provide them and if their order matches our predetermined winning sequence, they win!

7. Scratch Cards
Scratch cards are the perfect way to engage clients at your business next event! Give customers the chance to win up to $1,000,000 at practically no cost to you. Our stock cards come in multiple themes or may feature a custom design of your choice. To win, players must simply scratch 6 boxes and if all 6 underlying symbols match, they win. The printed registration section on the back also serves as a great tool to maintain your client database.

8. Indoor Putting
Give contestants the opportunity to win big at your next event with our Indoor Putting contest. If a lucky individual can sink three consecutive putts from 25 feet away, they’ll win the prize. We will supply the putter, balls and 25 foot green designed with three different cups. Put your participants to the test for the chance to earn the prize of a lifetime!

9. Prediction Contests
Sometimes a lucky guess can lead to grand success. Some of our most popular prediction contests include predicting the final score of a local sporting event, completing a perfect NCAA bracket and guessing the winner of your favorite reality show. We will cover your contestants’ predictions for various contests and can even cover custom promotions if you have a certain event in mind!

10. Game Boards
This contest will give you the ultimate game plan to produce winners and promote your organization at your next event! Our oversized game boards allow participating customers to play one of our games in a larger than life fashion to earn a big prize. We offer stock game board designs but can also create a custom design to compliment your brand and event. Get your head in the game and give this promotion a try!

We hope that these tips helped. You don’t have to incorporate all of these ideas, but we hope you take small strides and do a promotion once every season to gain customers and keep existing ones coming back. For more information or questions on any of our contests, please give us a call at 888-882-5140 or email us at