The biggest summer event is obviously the 4th of July. Almost any business can get in the spirit and show off their American pride. You may have your coupons and discounts ready to distribute, but how about adding some excitement and interaction this year! Add some customer participation with our variety of patriotic contests and promotions. Take advantage of your freedom of choice and choose from top prizes, exciting contests and top promotions! See below for details:

Let Freedom Swing!
Batter up! During the seventh inning stretch instead of standing in line for a bag of peanuts, one lucky fan will have the chance to go down to home plate and participate in the a Home Run Swing contest. If they hit a homerun within 5 pitches, they run home with the cash.

Golfing For FREEdom
Celebrate the month of freedom by giving customers who purchase a car during a sales period the chance to putt for the car. Using our 25 foot indoor putting green, contestants will have to sink three consecutive putts in order to walk out with a new ride on us!

4th of July isn’t the only event you can take advantage of this summer. Did you forget about all the upcoming summer blockbusters? Our Box Office Gold promotion is the perfect way to let your fans watch and win – literally. Have your fans guess a predetermined movie exact opening weekend box office numbers for the chance to win big! July’s big movies this year include Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

And it doesn’t stop there! If ‘Netflix & Chill’ is not your thing. You can get your fans outdoors to play a summer past time! How about a classic Frisbee Toss contest to go along with the 4th? Give participants the opportunity to win a large cash prize or even a car, by challenging them to toss a frisbee through a target of your choice!

Don’t just dip your toes in the promotion pool this summer—jump in with some of these great ideas to drive traffic into your business! To set up a summer promotion for your next event please contact us at 888-882-5140 or email us at