Whether you are looking to attract new customers to your store or reward potential clients at a tradeshow, the Crack the Vault prize insurance promotion is a perfect way to give them all a chance to win big without breaking your bank. One of Foresite Sports’ most popular prize insurance contests, the Crack the Vault promotion, offers excitement to your clients and serves as a very effective tool in fundraising.

Crack the Vault is an online or physical game that gives the participants the opportunity to enter any code they wish and see if they have the lucky number to break open the vault. Crack the Vault can be customized for your promotion and we offer the contest with three to six digit codes. Foresite Sports will take care of creating the online, kiosk, handheld or physical vault game and supplying you with the link for your big day. A great way to enhance the promotion is to display the game onto a projection screen for the day of the contest. This way all of the participants will be able to see the game in action and everyone will be able to celebrate if someone cracks the vault!

See some of our sample rates below:

Handheld Game – 4 Digit Code – 50 Attempts – $40,000 Truck = Cost $850

Web Game – 4 Digit Code – 120 Attempts – $30,000 Vehicle = Cost $990

Kiosk Game – 5 Digit Code – 600 Attempts – $25,000 Vehicle = Cost $1,050

If the Crack the Vault promotion doesn’t seem right for your event, give us a call or visit our website. Interactive Promotions Group has numerous prize insurance promotions for all occasions and our contest consultants are happy to help you with ideas for your event!