Everyone loves a good challenge. You see on Instagram every other day, a new challenge to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon, eat a Tide detergent pod or stand still like a mannequin. As fun as these challenges are, there is no financial reward. With IPG, we have challenges where your fans can reap benefits that range from cash prizes up to $1,000,000! And the benefits is not just for your fans. By increasing the excitement for your event, you will increase your traffic and profits! See below to see how one bar and grill took the challenge and succeeded!


District Bar & Grill Challenge: District Bar & Grill was looking to draw attention to their yearly World Series Event. They wanted to create a promotion that would increase customer attendance and enable everyone to participate.

Solution: When District Bar & Grill came to Interactive Promotions Group we suggested the Sports Conditional Rebate. If the team you choose can win the big title or your favorite player can score a certain number of points or any condition you set is met then your customers win a prize or a refund on their purchase!

Result: By running a successful Sports Conditional Rebate, District Bar & Grill was able to attract tons of customers, both new and old to the restaurant. Although there was no winner, the District Bar and grill won in terms of increased profits and brand awareness!

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