What a win!? The Eagles are Super Bowl champions. It was one of the most unforgettable Super Bowls in history. A Patriots fourth-quarter comeback, but it was the Eagles who scored the epic touchdowns and field goal kicks. Their win means a lot not only to the team and the city, but your business as well! With the win and parade over, we decided to list a few ideas to get in on the Super Bowl after-buzz with our hopes to drive traffic to your business and increase profits.

1. Keep in mind that not all of your customers may be Eagles fans. Even if they live in the city, you can’t assume that everyone is a fan. You can keep your promotions neutral with a promotion that all fans can enjoy.

2. Promote a special offer through all available modes of advertising : flyers, invitations, posters, radio and TV commercials, social networks, and certainly on your website if you have one.

3. You don’t have to give away free beer like Budweiser, but food and drinks is definitely an attraction for almost anyone. Food specials will surely attract new guests. For every purchase of a burger or hot dog give a gift card for a free drink

4. This idea is a little quirky but it works! Dress up one of your employees in a costume in the form of an Eagle promoting your business with a sign and walk around busiest parts of the city and you will definitely attract the attention of passers.

Don’t let the celebrating end. We hope these ideas helped you to keep customers flooding into your business. If you need help setting up a promotion give us a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@interactivepromotions.com