New Outdoor Promotions For Summer!

The NBA playoffs are in sight after a long and exciting season featuring incredible athleticism. And you can’t forget all the highlights, intricate plays and buzzer wins! This NBA season will be missed but you still have time to celebrate it’s end with our variety of “start-to-summer” promotions! Things start and end and seasons change, but our promotions will forever create excitement at your event! Check out our new summer promotions to drive traffic and have fans jumping out of their seats to participate!

Ballin’ For Bucks 
Do you think Westbrook’s MVP performance will push his team to score victoriously? Leave your predictions with us! Create a buzz with the NBA score prediction promotion. Give contestants a chance to win big if they can correctly guess the score at halftime and the final score of a game of your choice during the playoffs!

Summer may mark the end of the NBA season, but summer is also the start of summer sports like fishing and horse racing. Get outdoors and hold contests that will allow your fans to win big prizes while enjoying the summer sun!

Reel in the Cash
Bait your hook and cast your line for the Tagged Fish contest. Release tagged fish in the water, then during your fishing tournament your anglers will have a chance to reel in more than just dinner, but a grand prize too, paid for by Interactive Promotions Group.

Kentucky Derby Dough
Want to drum up some excitement for the big race? Give your listener’s the chance to call in and guess the finishing order of the top 10 horses. If a lucky caller gets the order correct they go home the real champion with the grand prize of $25,000! Time for a victory lap!

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to set up your summer promotions! Contact one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at

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