As the weather warms up and summer approaches Interactive Promotions Group wants to remind you about our sister company US Weather Insurance. IPG is a promotional insurance company offering contest insurance for events big and small that want to add a little something extra to their big day. But you should not only cover your prize but you need to ensure that your event will be protected from the unpredictable summer weather. In other words, you need weather insurance.

Outdoor events are the most vulnerable and are in need of weather insurance more than indoor events. Let’s talk about some outdoor events that need protection. Baseball is the number one sport of summer, so why not add an incentive for your baseball fans with a team achievement promotion. These types of promotions are centered on the home teams playing ability. For example a popular promotion is the Back-to-Back Home Run inning, where if in a certain inning two players hit home runs in a row, a lucky fan from the stands wins a grand prize! Interactive Promotions Group also has a number of fan participation promotions that will take the fans from the seats to centerfield.

Fairs and festivals are extremely popular this time of year! There are a variety of options when it comes to games and contests to run at a fair but the most popular this summer seems to be the Airplane Toss and Frisbee Toss. Both contests are great for the big crowds these events bring and are perfect for outdoor festivals since they require a large amount of space.

Don’t forget, these outdoor events need weather coverage, give US Weather Insurance and let them protect your event in the case of inclement weather!