If you own a restaurant or bar, the smartest thing you can do is take advantage of the crowds on St. Patrick’s Day. From parades to bar hops, don’t let the foot traffic pass you by – literally. Drive traffic into your business this St. Patrick’s Day by holding an Interactive Promotions Group contest or promotion. We have the best solution for attracting more potential customers into your business. It includes offering your customers the opportunity to win big prizes! All while allowing you to pay a fraction of the prize value. Watch your profits soar this holiday! See below to explore just a few ideas for your restaurant or bars St. Paddy’s Day.

Press your customers luck this St. Paddy’s Day by giving them the chance to win big! You can expect a huge crowd of parade goers and bar hoppers to pass by your bar. However, how will you not only get their attention, but keep their attention? If you are looking for a fun way to get the whole crowd involved at your St. Patrick’s Day promotion? The dice roll contest is a great contest that gives everyone a chance to win big. If lucky a participant can successfully roll, L-U-C-K-Y, they take home the Pot ‘O’ Gold! You can customize this promotion by adding your business logo or shamrocks, gold coins, etc.

Beyond St. Paddy’s Day, college basketball heats up in March! Bars can definitely take advantage of sports fans. How about hosting a NCAA Bracket promotion with a chance for participants to win big! This contest can be run with either a full bracket of 64 games, a perfect Sweet 16 or our March Madness “tiered bracket.”

The lure for plenty of party and parade goers during St. Paddy’s Day will be unity, beer, restaurant and bar promotions and deals. While it won’t be hard to find a bar or restaurant open on St. Paddy’s Day, you have to ensure that your establishment stands out from the competition. For more information about how you can set up a promotion for your St. Patrick’s Day, give us a call at 888-882-5140 or email us at info@interactivepromotions.com.