Doing business over winter can be a little tough. But don’t get discouraged with the gloomy and cold weather. Use this time to try new ways of attracting customers with a variety of promotion and contest ideas with Interactive Promotions Group. We offer contest insurance so you and your customers can have fun worry-free. See below for a few ideas to kick start driving traffic into your business this season.

Indoor Promotions

The reasons why customers are not eager to leave their house may have less to do about your business and more about general convenience. Try looking at it from your customers point of view. It may come down to their location, whether or not they shoveled their driveway, etc. Your customers are just looking for a little motivation to get them outdoors. We believe giving them the opportunity to play exciting games that can allow them to win thousands is a good enough reason. Check out our wide variety of promotions here:

Direct Mail

Your customers may be cooped up at home, but grab their attention with a reason to come in-store. Take your business to your customers by sending them direct mail! Send out mailers to residents in your area advertising a an in-store special event. Each mailer will have a unique number listed on it that the customer must match in order to win. If the customer who receives the mailer with the winning number drops by your store on contest day, they take home the grand prize!

Weather Conditional Rebates

Use the weather to your advantage. Create an exciting incentive for your customers for your next big event. Offer your customers a rebate on their purchase if a certain weather event happens on a special day in the future. For example, if it snows on Valentine’s Day then everyone who made a purchase between the specified time period, they will be refunded their entire purchase!
These are just a few ideas to help you motivate your customers during the season. To see more ways to drive traffic to your business this, check out our website at or give us a call at 888-882-5140.