In the modern age, everything exists online. The internet has become an integral part of our lives: whether it is finding a recipe for our favorite dish or looking for a movie review, we all turn to the internet. Without the internet information would remain in encyclopedias and our various forms of communication might fall apart. Now more than ever, companies and educational institutions are taking advantage of the web and are incorporating the use of the internet in their contests and promotions in order to stay competitive. Our online contests are a great way to attract, engage and reward followers of your brand while collecting valuable contact information.

Luckily, businesses don’t have to hold contest and promotions alone as we (IPG) are here to make setting up online games easy and most importantly fun and profitable. Interactive Promotions offers various online games so that you can broaden your reach. No matter where your customers are located, they can participate and potentially become a winner! We have listed two of our most popular online games below that you can offer your customers.

Crack The Vault

Participants try to guess the winning combination that will open the vault and reveal the grand prize. For our online addition, you can send your customers or prospective customers the specified URL. They input their guess, and are instantly revealed whether they are a winner or not. Our Crack the Vault game also provides special features like data collection. Gain insight into the patrons you are attracting by asking for user information before allowing participants to guess.

Lucky Number Match

We offer a Lucky Number instant win marketing game that allows you to giveaway a large insured prize as well as smaller guaranteed prizes provided by you. Just like the online Crack the Vault game, we will set a specific URL to give to your customers. They go to the web page, enter their combination and can instantly see if they are a winner. You can even go a step further and number your products. If a customer purchases the product with the winning number and inputs into the site, they win!

In conclusion, the web has proved to be a blessing for not only mankind, but your next promotion! Our online games makes it easy for your customers to not only participate but win top cash prizes covered by us! For more information on our online contests, give us a call at 888-882-5140 or go here.