Tis’ the season for giving, right? As the holidays approach, charitable organizations are really starting to ramp up their reach and marketing experience to take advantage of the giving season. Charities already have an advantage as people love to give for a cause. However, it helps for your contributors to have a little extra reason to donate. By giving your donators fun and exciting contests with big prizes, they will be even more eager to give back this season.

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve put together some ideas for charitable promotions to get you started!

Lucky Envelope

Forget about pulling a name out of a hat with Secret Santa. Give your customers the chance to win secret prizes with our Lucky Envelope promotion. It can conveniently be incorporated into almost any event. Create an exciting incentive where you narrow the promotion down to a few lucky participants. Give those contestants a chance to win big by selecting the winning envelope or money bag! You can even add a creative twist to the contest by numbering any items you want to help customers connect with your brand.

Direct Mail Campaign

Send Christmas cards the right way this year. Drive traffic right into your auto dealership or store with a direct mail campaign. Send out mailers to residents in your area advertising a grand opening, holiday sale or other special event. Each mailer will have a unique number listed on it that the customer must match in order to win. If the customer who receives the mailer with the winning number drops by your store on contest day, they take home the grand prize!

Scratch Cards

Our Snow Me The Money scratch cards are the perfect way to engage clients at your organization’s next event! Give customers the chance to win up to $1,000,000 at practically no cost to you. To win, players must simply scratch 6 boxes and if all 6 underlying symbols match, they win. The printed registration section on the back also serves as a great tool to maintain your client database.