Having promotions or contests for your business or halftime event is not new. Our clients are use to having sales or other activities as ways to promote their business and gain new customers. But all businesses should question how effective was their promotion. The one thing that can make you stand out from the crowd and effectively increase traffic is offering your customers more than the ability to participate, but to be rewarded. Interactive Promotions Group specializes in prize insurance for your contest or promotion so that you can provide all the high rewards to your customers, with none of the risks.

Purchasing coverage with us is a must for increasing excitement at your event and at the same time eliminating the stress of wondering if you will pay for the hefty grand prize. Instead of paying out $50,000 if a fan manages to sink a Half court shot, you shift the risk from yourself to us by letting us cover the prize. You only pay a fraction of the price for coverage. Or think of it this way, imagine a customer manages to scratch, match and win in our Scratch Card promotion and your company promotes a grand prize for $20,000! It’s hard to be happy after realizing your business just took a huge loss. Without prize insurance, you’d be liable for the whole cost of the prize instead of just the premium.

When you have prize insurance, you can gladly give out that huge prize and actually root for your fan or customer to win it. Instead of being known as the simple store that has sales or the halftime game where people use the bathroom and run to the concession stand, your business can be known as the one where the lucky customer won thousands from a contest! For more information on our insurance policies and contests, give us a call at 888-882-5140 or explore our website here: https://www.interactivepromotions.com/