Winter is almost here and that means snow is soon to follow. With Interactive Promotions, your company can create excitement and buzz around your business with our new prize insurance promotions for the holidays.

Snow Me The Money

Give participants the chance to scratch, match and win with our holiday themed, Snow Me The Money Scratch Cards. If one of your contestants unveils a winning card with the 6 matching symbols, they walk away a winner and Interactive Promotions Group pays for the prize!

Decorate the Tree for Dough

Give your customers the opportunity to take home an early present! Decorate a tree in your showroom with ornaments numbered from 1 to 500. If a lucky participant chooses the ornament matching the correct number, they win big!

Santa’s Lucky Car List

Want to drive more traffic to your store during the Holidays? Have customers who test drive a vehicle during the month of December arrange a list of your dealership’s favorite cars. If they arrange the list in the correct pre-determined order they go home with a new car!

On top of these contests that we offer weather based prize insurance promotions through our sister company US Weather Insurance which will allow you to use Mother Nature as a basis for your prize or giveaway. Basically, what you need to do is choose the weather conditions for a specific day and if your predictions are accurate then your customers walk away with the grand prize. These prize insurance promotions are a proven way to generate excitement and incentive. See US Weather Insurance for more info here:

So, don’t let the thought of snow get you down. Use it to your advantage and help your business and customers, win some dough! Contact us at 888-882-5440 to set up coverage for your next promotion!