Are you looking to enhance your promotion or increase your participation and profits but still maintaining your budget? Don’t look any further than Interactive Promotions Group. As contest experts, we know what you need to make your next event a success. From custom targets to banners and giant checks, we have the supplies to make it happen. We want to share with you the benefits of using our contest supplies with hopes of creating profits and participation at your next event!

More Sponsor Exposure = Higher Valued Package

If you have a sponsor for your event, you can do the typical and include publicity through signage. Or with Interactive Promotions Group, you can give them recognition right on the board of the contest or game. For example, with our Target Toss, each target allows for a sponsor’s name to be advertised and includes a target hole built to your specifications. This goes the same for our Dice Boxes as well.

Big Contributors Need Big Publicity

For big contributors, you want to make sure they are recognized at a higher level than smaller contributors. When we say “big” we mean big! Give a visual representation of how much your sponsor has contributed by having their name or logo on a Giant Check! This will not only make your sponsors happy but will motivate your fans to participate as well!

If you don’t need a check you can still make a statement by purchasing one of our  2’x 6’ Contest Banners! Our banners are customizable and weather resistant for use outside your store or inside an arena.

For more information on our Contest Supplies and see some of our templates, visit our site here: Or for specific questions, give us a call at 888-882-5140 to speak to one of our representatives.