Independence Day isn’t just for fireworks, but it plays a big part of it. The fireworks we are referring to are our contests and promotions. Businesses can get involved by creating fun, patriotic promotions that will be sure to entertain their clients and increase sales. If you aren’t sure how to go about designing an America-themed summer promotion, we are here to show you how.

Sports Promotions

Nothing says America more than the past time sport of Baseball. So batter up this year with our Let Freedom Swing promotion. During the seventh inning stretch instead of standing in line for a bag of peanuts, one lucky fan will have the chance to go down to home plate and participate in the Home Run Swing contest. If they hit a home-run within 5 pitches, they run home with the cash.

Another sport that is perfect to incorporate into your 4th of July promotion is golf. Celebrate the month of freedom with our Golfing For FREEdom promotion. Give customers who purchase a car during a sales period the chance to putt for the car. Using our 25 foot indoor putting green, contestants will have to sink three consecutive putts in order to walk out with a new ride on us!

Still not enough activities for you? You can get your fans outdoors to play a summer tradition. How about a classic Frisbee Toss contest to go along with the 4th? Give participants the opportunity to win a large cash prize or even a car, by challenging them to toss a frisbee through a target of your choice!

Rebate Promotions

It’s also typical to offer your customers coupons and discounts on the 4th. But how about mixing things up this year. Offer a large rebate on all purchases during a sales event with our Ring in the Rebates promotion. For example, if your local baseball team wins the big game, pitches a no-hitter or any type of condition you come up with, your customers are refunded their purchases. This promotion can also be run by using the weather as the deciding factor as well. With our sister company US Weather Insurance you can run a Weather Sales Promotion to drive traffic into your store and have your customers pray for rain or any other weather condition on the 4th.

Other Promotions

Also, did you forget about all of the upcoming summer blockbusters? Our Box Office Gold promotion is the perfect way to let your fans watch and win – literally. Have your fans guess a predetermined movie exact opening weekend box office numbers for the chance to win big! This years big movies for summer include Toy Story 4 and The Lion King.
Curious to see more patriotic promotions? Interactive Promotions Group is happy to help you craft ideas and get your ultimate patriotic promotion started! Please contact us at 888-882-5140 or email us at with any questions.