Wrigley Field

Baseball Promotion


Wrigley Field, the historic ballpark and home of the Chicago Cubs, faced a promotional challenge and approached Interactive Promotions Group (IPG) seeking a solution. The Chicago Cubs, in conjunction with Wintrust Financial Corporation, came looking for the perfect promotion involving Wrigley Field for the 2016 baseball season. The Cubs partnered with Wintrust for their 2014 season, leading to a dazzling blue “Wintrust” sign being placed atop the new left field video board. As part of a promotional effort, the “W” in the Wintrust sign was lit up after every Cubs win during the 2015 season. Fans came to adore the iconic bright “W” and it became the focus of this season’s promotional contest insured by IPG. Our clients sought an exciting contest that would embrace the significance of the “W,” bring promotion to the team and raise funds for charity at the same time.


Interactive Promotions Group created an exciting contest that would fundraise for a lucky charity cause and celebrate The Chicago Cubs, and all through the fabulous “W” beloved by fans everywhere. In this baseball contest, a Chicago Cubs player is challenged to hit the “W” on the Wintrust sign with a home run ball. If they successfully manage to score a homer by hitting the “W”, a grand prize of $1 million will be awarded to a charity chosen by the Cubs and Wintrust.


This contest keeps fans excited about the emblematic “W” of Wrigley Field while boosting engagement between fans and the team and benefitting charity. Adding an engaging baseball promotion with an ultimate prize is a great way to generate enthusiasm in the stands and on the field. Fans can’t wait for the “W” to be lit up once more, signaling another victory for the Cubs and an amazing gift for a charity cause.


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