Interior Antiques

Christmas Cash Contest


Interior Antiques, a local vintage furniture store, is having a grand re-opening sale in December and wants to bring in new customers during the holiday season. The company approached Interactive Promotions Group about an enticing holiday-themed promotion that offers a grand cash prize. Offering a cash prize during the holiday season gives potential customers the incentive to come to the store, become acquainted with the brand, and cultivate a relationship with the company.


Interactive Promotions Group suggested that Interior Antiques feature a Lucky Number contest to attract more customers at its grand re-opening sales event. In this holiday season promotion, a Christmas tree is placed in the store and decorated with numbered ornaments. As customers come to shop, they may select an ornament on the tree. If the number on their ornament matches the winning number predetermined by Interior Antiques, they earn the ultimate holiday cash prize!


By running our Lucky Number promotion, Interior Antiques had a very successful grand re-opening sales event in which their business objectives were more than satisfied. They attracted both past clients, reigniting old customer relationships, and brought in new customers, thereby expanding their client database. Because this promotion can be easily customized with certain events or times of year, Interior Antiques plans to duplicate their business success by running this contest seasonally and offering grand prizes 4 times a year.


Needless to say, running an event is no small feat, and yet your customer service was impeccable from start to finish.

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