Sooners Sports Properties

Progressive Shot Contest


Sooners Sports Properties and the fan engagement team at the University of Oklahoma teamed up to create a buzz around the start of the 2019-2020 college basketball season. They wanted to offer a contest that spotlighted one of their sponsors for the year and gave their fans something to get excited about by giving the chance for a student to win one year of tuition.


Interactive Promotions Group suggested that Oklahoma do a variation of their classic progressive shot. Typically, a contestant would have 30 seconds to make a lay up, free throw, 3 pointer, and half court shot. Instead IPG recommended that the contestant have 30 seconds to complete the first 3 shots (layup, free throw and 3-pointer) to ensure a more engaging promotion and the chance to offer some sponsored prizes (e.g. gift cards, t-shirts, books, etc.) if the contestant made those shorter shots. Once the contestant made those preliminary shots in 30 seconds, they would, then, have 1 try at a half court shot to win free tuition!


On the first night of college basketball for the Sooners, the improbable happened! At halftime, the student who was randomly chosen “swished” his way through the first three shots and, then, stepped back to half court to have his chance at tuition for the year. Swish! The shot was made, the crowd went wild, and the sponsor was highlighted like never before!


Thank you for your outstanding service with our contest insurance. Although we did not have any winners this year, having the contest added a level of excitement that we might not otherwise have had. We look forward to using you again next year.

K. Beers Canandaigua Emergency Squad