Diamond Belle Boutique

Black Friday Sale


Diamond Belle Boutique, a jewelry retailer in central Pennsylvania, is currently struggling to attract new customers. The company has elected to take advantage of the upcoming winter season by running a holiday promotion to incentivize customers and produce more jewelry sales. They approached Interactive Promotions Group seeking a unique holiday-themed promotion to help their company recover from a drop in new customers.


To solve this business problem, IPG recommended their sister-company, US Weather Insurance, to create a unique promotion for Diamond Belle Boutique during the holiday season. In this retail promotion, any customers who make a jewelry purchase during the designated sales period (Black Friday through Christmas Eve) have the chance to win a refund for their purchase if it snows 5 inches or more on Christmas Day.


This promotion provided Diamond Belle Boutique customers with a unique, fun-filled purchase experience and exceeded expected business goals. The jewelry company hoped to increase their new customer base by 25 percent. Following this holiday promotion, they ultimately doubled their customer base during the designated promotional period and generated three times the predicted sales volume. Diamond Belle Boutique was amazed with the results of this promotion and plans to run a similar summer-themed promotion where one lucky customer will win back their purchase if it reaches a certain temperature after the sales period. Conditional promotions are incredibly versatile and give businesses many ways to increase customer engagement and sales, multiple times a year. Interactive Promotions Group, along with it’s two sister-companies, US Weather Insurance and US Hole In One, excels at providing creative promotions for any kind of event that will achieve a client’s business goals and give participants a unique and enjoyable experience.


It took us 17 regular season games to see a student successfully sink the half-court shot for a year of tuition, but I gotta tell you, after handing him the giant check, it was well worth the wait!

R. Keller Flagler College