Raise The Grade

Crack The Vault 


Raise the Grade, a non-profit organization that provides elementary school students with free tutoring services, wanted to host an action-packed promotion to raise funds for their organization. They engaged Interactive Promotions Group to organize an exciting promotion that would give attendees a truly memorable experience while raising funds and awareness for their organization.


Interactive Promotions Group recommended Crack the Vault as the perfect contest to give guests a unique and fun experience while earning money for Raise the Grade. In this promotion, participants have the opportunity to guess a winning combination code to open a vault provided by IPG and win a grand prize. The code may be 3 to 8 digits in length.


Raise the Grade sponsored a Crack the Vault promotion and was met with tremendous success. Participants loved the creative concept and were eager to guess the winning code. Given the success of this promotion, Raise the Grade was able to increase funds enough to provide tutoring services to the local elementary school for the entire upcoming academic year. This contest was a great way of benefitting the sponsor’s cause and helping students achieve their academic goals.


Thank you for your outstanding service with our contest insurance. Although we did not have any winners this year, having the contest added a level of excitement that we might not otherwise have had. We look forward to using you again next year.

K. Beers Canandaigua Emergency Squad