Van Wagner

Progressive Shot Contest


Van Wagner at Southern Utah University wanted to build excitement throughout the entirety of the basketball season by giving their fans the chance to win big while also highlighting their Real Estate partner in Southern Utah. They wanted to build an on-court activation for their partner that featured their sponsor’s brand and endeared them with fans coming out to basketball games.


As VW and IPG discussed what contest would be best, it was decided that offering a $50,000 down payment towards a house with the realtor sponsor was the way to go! At all the home basketball games during the year the marketing team from Southern Utah University would throw small foam basketballs into the crowd. One of those basketballs at each game would be marked with a special symbol that would qualify the person who caught it to come back for the final game of the season and have a chance at the $50,000. At the last home game of the season 1 of the finalists would be brought out on court to do the Progressive Shot Contest (30 seconds to make a layup, free throw, 3 pointer, and half-court shot) to get the chance for the big down payment with the realtor sponsor!


After a successful campaign of highlighting their sponsor’s realty brand and advertising the big shot for $50,000 at every home game, we are all holding our breath to see how the shot turns out at the last home game of the year! The realtor sponsor has been thrilled with their involvement and association with Thunderbirds basketball and it has been a huge way they have seen their reach extend into college athletics on a local level. Here’s to hoping that finalist makes those shots to get that huge down payment!


WOW !!!! I am impressed and very grateful. You will always get my business and I will continue to refer you to anybody looking to improve their event.

C. Bertone Beeline Insurance Group