K97.6 Radio

Home Run Knothole Contest


K97.6 Radio, a local Tennessee country radio station, approached Interactive Promotions Group searching for the ideal broadcast promotion that would fuel Memphis Redbirds fans with excitement and simultaneously increase their listenership in a creative way. They wanted to offer a $10,000 cash prize to a lucky Redbirds fan if the team could win a challenge established by an IPG baseball promotion. They engaged IPG to craft a promotion that would catch the attention of fans, attract new listeners, and recreate the Redbirds game experience.


IPG assessed the radio station’s promotion request and suggested Home Run Knothole, the perfect baseball contest that connects players and fans. A target was constructed 20 feet above center field and featured a 12 inch hole. In this exciting promotion, if a Redbird player successfully hits a ball into the hole on the target and scores a home run, a randomly selected fan wins the grand cash prize! This promotion continues throughout the entire season, and a lucky fan has the chance to win at every home game.


By incorporating our Home Run Knothole promotion into Memphis Redbirds home games, K97.6 Radio discovered a great way to continuously promote their station while boosting fan excitement. IPG determined the ideal baseball promotion and modified it to perfectly fit the event conditions. Our promotions work wonderfully for both our clients and their customers.


It took us 17 regular season games to see a student successfully sink the half-court shot for a year of tuition, but I gotta tell you, after handing him the giant check, it was well worth the wait!

R. Keller Flagler College