New Orleans Pelicans

Half Court Shot Contest


The New Orleans Pelicans basketball team desired to create a new level of fan excitement in the stands during home games. They wanted to offer the perfect contest that would keep the fans cheering and involved in the game, and approached Interactive Promotions Group for a creative solution.  


Interactive Promotions Group suggested that the Pelicans feature a Half Court Shot contest, one of our most popular basketball promotions, during halftime as a way to rally fans. Following this contest, one lucky fan is randomly selected from the stands to come down to the court. If they can successfully make a shot from half court, they win an ultimate $10,000 cash prize!


Our Half Court Shot basketball promotion proved to be a fabulous way to excite fans during the Pelicans game. The promotion was triumphant both in boosting fan enthusiasm and redefining the game experience with a unique contest and grand prize. This basketball promotion successfully resolved the New Orleans Pelicans promotional challenge and gave loyal fans the opportunity to get involved in the game like never before!


It took us 17 regular season games to see a student successfully sink the half-court shot for a year of tuition, but I gotta tell you, after handing him the giant check, it was well worth the wait!

R. Keller Flagler College