Jimmy’s Joint

NCAA March Madness Bracket


Jimmy’s Joint, a local bar/restaurant franchise, is looking for a way to attract more customers during the winter months. They want to offer a cash incentive to draw more people into their 5 locations and have decided to run a contest during March Madness for the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. Jimmy’s Joint approached Interactive Promotions Group to provide an exciting basketball promotion as a solution to their business needs.


To bring more people into the 5 Jimmy’s Joint locations, Interactive Promotions Group recommends our Perfect Bracket Challenge promotion. In this contest each Jimmy’s Joint restaurant gives customers the chance to enter the contest in the weeks leading up to the start March Madness and predict the tournament bracket lineup. One lucky customer would win a grand prize if they correctly predict the bracket for the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.


By featuring the Perfect Bracket Challenge promotion, Jimmy’s Joint successfully garnered more sales and improved customer experience during the wintertime where business is typically slow. Since the tournament promotion lasted multiple weeks, the franchise was able to successfully entice customers over a longer period and achieve business goals that are hard to meet in a singular, one-day event. This promotion was a successful trial run for Jimmy’s Joint and they are looking to expand and feature this contest at future locations and events. Promotions related to a separate event or occasion, such as a sports season or tournament, are a great way to connect brands with customers.


It took us 17 regular season games to see a student successfully sink the half-court shot for a year of tuition, but I gotta tell you, after handing him the giant check, it was well worth the wait!

R. Keller Flagler College