Junior Kickers Soccer

Goal Post Kick


Junior Kickers Soccer, a community children’s soccer league run by parents, is currently struggling to raise enough funds to purchase soccer supplies for the kids teams. The organization worked with Interactive Promotions Group to resolve this problem and create the ultimate promotional experience to raise funds and demonstrate their passion for soccer.  They wanted to hold this promotion at the local county fair to catch the attention of lots of visitors and have a fun-filled event experience.


To help Junior Kickers Soccer host the perfect event, Interactive Promotions Group proposed our popular Goal Post Kick promotion. In this exciting soccer contest, participants are given three balls and challenged to kick each ball and hit a different goal post every time. If they successfully hit the goal posts three times, they earn a grand cash prize.


By hosting a Goal Post Kick promotion, Junior Kickers Soccer was very successful in raising funds for the organization. Attendees at the county fair were instantly drawn to this exciting contest and eager to help benefit a great community cause. This promotion gave soccer lovers of all ages the chance to do what they do best and simultaneously raise money for a great organization. Using the funds raised by this promotion, Junior Kickers Soccer was able to purchase new goal nets and soccer balls for all three of its junior soccer teams.


Thank you for your outstanding service with our contest insurance. Although we did not have any winners this year, having the contest added a level of excitement that we might not otherwise have had. We look forward to using you again next year.

K. Beers Canandaigua Emergency Squad