Let’s get digital! Almost everything has become computer-based. It’s even hard to not buy everyday necessities without buying it online. From clothing, supplies, and food, it has all become a click away. How businesses market themselves are shifting as well. More companies are shifting to digital ad spending which is projected to grow to $130 billion (a 19% increase) by the end of 2019. So is your company on the digital bandwagon? If you are a little behind in the times, you are in luck. Interactive Promotions Group offers digital contests and promotions for your customers and fans to increase sales and drive traffic to your business or event! Run a custom game for as little as $450! Entice users to interact online with your brand by adding any of our new and or popular promotions below!

Crack The Vault

If you want to add a new level of excitement to your next event, then Crack the Vault is the promotion you’ve been looking for! Participants try to guess the winning combination that will open the vault and reveal the grand prize.

Lucky List

Test your customers’ luck with the chance to win a grand prize by running this fun-filled, interactive promotion. Provide Interactive Promotions Group with a list of 10 items or names, such as sports teams, vehicle models, songs, product offerings, etc. Prior to the event, we will generate a list comprised of these items in a specific winning order. Simply have your contestants arrange the list of items you provide them and if their order matches our predetermined winning sequence, they win!

Choose The Champ

Kick off the NFL season with our exciting, interactive, kiosk-based Choose the Champ promotion. Your players simply create a “pick pin” at the start of the season and then login weekly to make their picks before game time. Upon submission, contestants will receive a receipt confirming their picks for the current week along with what their previous week’s picks were and their year-to-date standings. If a lucky player meets the promotion’s predetermined number of games that need to be correctly picked, they win the grand prize!

Online contests are a great way to attract, engage and reward followers of your brand while collecting valuable contact information. These contests are perfect for events of all kinds, including showrooms, trade shows, retail locations, and charity fundraisers. Interactive Promotions Group offers a variety of different game types. All digital contests are playable on any device and can be custom-designed to complement your brand. Want to see more of our game features? Visit our Digital Games page!

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