Digital/Online Games

Drive traffic to your business and get your clients more involved by offering a big giveaway with one of our digital games. These contests are perfect in any environment, be it a showroom, fundraiser, trade show or by the register at your store. Interactive Promotions Group offers a variety of game options, all of which are playable on any device and most can be completely customized to your brand. You can even give away smaller prizes or use the games to collect more information on who your clients are.

Games & Demos

Crack the Vault

Participants guess the winning combination that will open the vault and reveal the grand prize hidden inside.

Our original digital game is a fan favorite and can be customized with your brand’s logo and prize description.

Check out a demo version of the game below.

Crack the Vault

Lucky List

Contestants attempt to arrange 10 items or names in a winning sequence to take home the grand prize.

Theme Options & Demos:

Pick Till You Win

Players flip boxes on the board to reveal the prizes until they have flipped a predetermined number of matching prizes.

Theme Options & Demos:

Game Customization

Want a game customized to your brand? Pick a game above and let’s create a custom-designed game to fit your promotion. Click on each phone below for a closer look at the branded games!

Game Features & Options

  • Customer Data Collecting Before they play, you can request information from your customers/players.
  • Registration Code Require entrants to provide a predetermined code in order to play.
  • Promotion Limitations Restrict contestants from the promotion based on state and/or their age.
  • Guaranteed Prizes Offer additional instant win prizes. You choose the prizes available and how many can be won.
  • Email & SMS Communication Send entrants an automatic personalized email or text message when they play.

Promotion Enhancements

Elevate your promotion with one of our themed QR pop-up banners! Keep your promotion hands and hassle free by allowing your entrants to participate by scanning the QR code with their phone. The banners match your game theme, are retractable with a built-in stand and come in a carrying case for easy transportation to a tradeshow or showroom.

Promotion Enhancements