Choose The Champ

Kick off the NFL season with our exciting, interactive, kiosk based Choose the Champ promotion. Players simply create a “pick pin” at the start of the season and then login weekly to make their picks before game time. Upon submission, contestants will receive a receipt confirming their picks for the current week along with what their previous weeks picks were and their year-to-date standings. If a lucky player meets the promotion’s predetermined number of games that need to be correctly picked, they win the grand prize!

Simple as 1-2-3…

  1. Decide on the prize you want to giveaway, the number of contestants you want to have participate and the number games that need to be correctly picked in order to win.
  2. Determine which game features and options from the list below that you would like to incorporate into your promotion.
  3. Select how your contestants will play the game by choosing from the various game play choices: an iPad Kiosk Stand, a Handheld iPad, a Deluxe Kiosk display with a 42” screen or an online version (players can access and play anywhere via a unique URL).

Game Features & Options

  • Promotion Duration / Game Selection Require entrants to make picks for all 256 games in the season or limit the promotion to a specific set of games (ex: only Monday night games).
  • Customer Information Collection & Reporting Gain insight into the patrons you are attracting by asking for user information at the start of the promotion when players initially register.
  • Promotion Limitations Restrict contestants from the promotion based on state and/or their age.
  • Guaranteed Prizes Offer additional prizes for contestants to win instantly. You determine the prizes available, how many can be won and the times a prize should be awarded.
  • Email & SMS Communication Send entrants an automatic personalized and branded email and/or text message upon submitting their weekly picks.

Game Play Choices

Choose the Champ Game Play Options

Demo Game

A sample version of the Choose the Champ game can be played below.

Choose the Champ Sample Game


Our experience with your company was awesome. It was simple, priced right and the follow through and support was very efficient.

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