With the amazing weather, vacation time, and longer daylight hours, it’s easy to see why summer is the best time to get outside and have some fun. It’s also the perfect time to hold big events which need some exciting promotions that can draw a crowd and keep people engaged. If you planning a sporting event, trying to promote your business, or just wanting to have some fun then we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor contests that are perfect for any summer event.

Frisbee For A Prize

Frisbee is a great way to get outside and with disc golf on the rise, it is also growing in its popularity. Our classic frisbee toss gives participants the opportunity to win a large cash prize or even a car, by challenging them to toss a frisbee through a target! Our disc golf HIO promotion is similar and just as exciting. It challenges disc golf players to make a HIO from a predetermined distance of your choosing. Frisbee and disc golf fans of all kinds would love to step up to the challenge and test their skills.

Roll for Riches

Our dice roll promotions are perfect for any event and are guaranteed to draw a crowd. Even though our dice roll promotion can be played inside, tons of our customers love to hold it outside during sporting events, business promotions, and more. Our dice come in various sizes, including 1, 3, 6, and 12-inch dimensions, and if a participant can roll the winning set, they W-I-N! Whatever type of outdoor event you are throwing you can be sure that our dice roll contests will be the highlight of the event.

Corn Hole for the Win

When you think of an outdoor summer game, corn hole definitely comes to mind. It is a simple, safe, and great way to involve people of all ages. Everyone loves playing it in their backyard, at the beach, or at a party, so why not use this promotion at your next big outdoor event. You can select a number of different contestants to participate and if one of them tosses their bean bag into the target then they walk away a winner!

Putt for a Prize

Putting is a great way to enjoy golf without having to be an expert at it. Our putting contests are perfect for fundraisers, big events to promote your business, and more. It gives one lucky contestant the opportunity to win huge prizes by making a putt from a predetermined distance. They are a great way to draw a crowd at your event, get people outside, and are perfect for any event this summer.

Fish For Cash

Fishing is the 4th most popular sport in the country and for good reason. People love getting outside, spending time together, and enjoying the summer weather. Now with our help, your contestants can reel in more than just a bass or carp with these popular fishing promotions. Here are a few of our favorites.

Match the Weight

One of our favorite fishing promotions is our match the weight contest. Prior to the start of your tournament, we will predetermine a winning fish weight. Then during the event whoever catches a fish that matches the preselected weight wins big! 

State/World Record Catch

What’s better than breaking a state record with your big catch? Winning a grand prize as well! If you’ve got some great fishing records in the area, you have the option of offering a reward to anyone who breaks one of those local or even statewide records. 

Tagged Fish

Before running this contest, tag some fish, release them into the water, and let the casting begin. You then can offer some amazing prizes to the lucky contestant who catches the tagged fish!

Which outdoor promotion will you use for your event or business? If you want more ideas, visit our catalog of promotions on our website at www.interactivepromotions.com.