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Contest Insurance, What Is It?

Contest insurance is coverage for a promotion in which the participants are offered the chance to win a prize. Instead of keeping cash on hand to cover large prizes, the promoter pays a fee to a company like Interactive Promotions Group, which then reimburses the promoter should a prize be given away. As a leading provider of promotional risk coverage, Interactive Promotions Group specializes in prize insurance and technology solutions for contests, games and sweepstakes.
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Create extra excitement at your next event! Adding prize insurance to a sporting event will boost attendance when fans believe they could leave with up to $1,000,000.

Direct Mail

Offer exciting incentives to your customers with this prize insurance. Reach current and potential clients with a contest that will bring them into your showroom.

Auto Dealers

Drive clients through the doors of your dealership with these promotions. Choose from a number of contests that are sure to increase traffic to the dealership.

TV & Radio

Media contests will create a buzz with your audience! Give back to your loyal listeners or viewers while gaining new ones with a chance for them to win big.


Gaming promotions are a great way to add excitement to your next event! Adding contest insurance to your promotion is a creative way to attract new customers.


Let Interactive Promotions Group cover you next event on the web! Run your next sweepstakes online where the grand prize is just a click away!


Rain or shine, this type of contest insurance offers exciting incentives for your customers! Weather promotions are great for retail stores or car dealerships.


Perfect for any grand opening or your next blowout sales event! Including contest insurance in your promotion helps increase sales at your next event.


Try one of IP Groupís tradeshow contests to draw a crowd at your table or booth. By adding contest insurance you will surely gain interest to your product.
Interactive Promotions Clients
Interactive Promotions Clients
Interactive Promotions Clients